Right as Rain: Top Tips for Finding a Top Rated Roofing Contractor

Keeping the roof over your head in good order has to be considered a priority when you are a homeowner as the consequences could prove to be far more costly if you end up suffering water damage to your property.

It is not always that easy at first glance to work out who to trust with such an important job of looking after and repairing your roof, but there are a few tips and insights worth following to help improve your odds of finding a roofing contractor who can be trusted to look after you and your roof properly.

The importance of making the right choice

There are plenty of roofing contractors around like who strive to provide a good service to their customers and care about building a strong local reputation and there are undoubtedly others who are looking for a fast buck and might be tempted to cut corners along the way.

It is worth reminding yourself that as a homeowner, roofing is often one of the most expensive projects you can commit to, which is why you want to be able to find a contractor you can put your trust in.

Roof repairs are an essential aspect of being a homeowner and keeping your roof structurally sound and in good condition is fundamental to maintaining the value of your property and keeping your family comfortable.

Once you appreciate the degree of importance attached to a roofing project compared to other remodeling and makeover projects you are considering it should motivate you to work through a checklist of essentials in order to arrive at a roofing contractor who should be fit for the job.

Word of mouth is a proven strategy

Fancy advertising and a professionally liveried business vehicle can provide some clues that you might have found a roofing contractor who cares about their image and their customers, but the hard truth is that one of the most reliable indicators of their competency is referrals.

Getting a referral from someone you know and trust like a friend or family member speaks volumes and it is a tried and tested method that often helps you to find a reliable and reputable contractor.

A roofer can tell you what a good job they will do for you but if you can speak to someone who can tell you from experience that they will deliver on their promise, that is often worth knowing and a useful guide when trying to choose a roofing contractor.

Testimonials often prove a reliable guide on how you will be treated by a company and what sort of job they will do, so always consider asking around to see if someone can recommend a roofing contractor to you.

Make a shortlist

It is always a good idea to try and come up with a shortlist of at least three roofing contractors who you are considering giving the work to once you have checked them out more deeply.

Even if you get a reliable testimonial it often pays to do your own research and check some basics such as whether they have all the right licenses and insurances.

If you ask the contractor for some referrals try to find the time to call or visit their property to confirm that they were happy with the work and for some feedback on other aspects like punctuality and reliability.

Set up a meeting

The next step is to invite your shortlisted roofing contractors to your home to assess and discuss the job in greater detail.

Even if they have already been out to scope the job before giving you an estimate get them to come out again to finalize the details and firm up the details of the price, start date and other important factors that are often best resolved face-to-face and then confirmed in writing afterward.

Always get everything in writing

A verbal contract is definitely not advised and you should insist that no work should start or money exchanged before all the terms of the work have been agreed in writing and a firm contract has been finalized which includes confirmation of the total cost, plus the intended start and finish date.

Finally, your natural inclination can often be to choose the lowest price but that doesn’t always turn out to be the smartest move.

You need to have confidence in your roofing contractor and if the one that inspired you the most is slightly more expensive, it might pay to go with them, as you can’t always put a value on peace of mind especially when you are talking about protecting your home.

Josh Parkin is a contractor who is always looking for better ways to build and repair homes. He also enjoys sharing his insights on a number of homeowner and business blogs.

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