Rentr: What is it and What Can it Do for You?

The rental market is in a real boom at the moment, with some areas in the UK seeing most houses on the market for just a day or two at a time, which means that it’s definitely a good time to be thinking about renting out any property that you might not be using. After all, there’s plenty of money in rent, and every day you’re not letting could be money lost. This is true for every day your house is waiting to be rented out through a traditional estate agent too – in this market speed is key. And to this end, the modern obsession with apps has come to the landlord’s rescue. Rentr is a new application that looks to put the power of marketing and managing a property portfolio in the hands of the landlord – let’s take a look at how.

One of the major reasons for using an estate agent is to market a property, whether this be on their own website, in their physical store window, or in third party media. This can be expensive depending on the package that you choose, so Rentr’s solution is to allow landlords to market their own properties using the app – describing them as they please (don’t do any of this), and then advertising them not only on the Rentr website, but Gumtree too, which is now widely used in the rental market. This means that you can decide exactly what you want prospective tenants to see. Built in with this is the ability for landlords and tenants to arrange and manage viewing times.

Of course, the other major benefit of using an estate agent is to deal with all of the legal stuff – the references, contracts etc. Fortunately, Rentr has an answer to that too. It has draft contracts built in, so that you can very quickly draw up whatever contract you need, and then using another app, DocuSign, make it legally binding. Similarly, the app talks to a service by HomeLet to ensure all references can be taken and managed as needed.

To conclude, Rentr looks to be a great proposition for those who want to be able to manage their lettings every step of the way, and you can read more about it here – Rentr. Particularly attractive is that pretty much everything that a landlord would need is built into the app, and where a thirds party is required, interactions are seamless. More work will be required than simply using a traditional estate agent, but the savings will reflect that.

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