Renting in London’s Most Popular Postcodes

London is an incredible city, but the problem is that many other people share the same view. Ultimately, this means that finding your perfect rental property in the capital city can be tough. In addition, while there are so many options to choose from, the rental market moves quickly in London.

To help you navigate this confusing world of real estate, here are the average rental prices for some of London’s most popular boroughs.


This cool east London district is known for its artistic vibes. Filled with quirky boutiques, vintage shops filled with designer finds, a pop-up mall, coffee shops and exhibition spaces, Shoreditch is a popular hotspot for London’s young professionals. However, Shoreditch’s close proximity to central London along with its rise in popularity has seen an increase in average monthly rents.

The average rent here is approximately £1900 per month, but competition for property is fierce. Therefore, when you find the right property, make sure you snap it up quickly.

Maida Vale

This West End location offers a wildly different lifestyle from the buzzing Shoreditch. The quiet streets here make Maida Vale feel completely separate from bustling London life, meaning it is the perfect place for families. Filled with Edwardian houses, charming restaurants and leisurely canal walks – although you may find tourists in search of the famous Beatle’s zebra crossing – Maida Vale offers the perfect place to escape after a long day at work.

Average rents here cross the £3000 threshold, making it one of London’s more exclusive areas. Alternatively, if you love West London, search Featherstone Leigh estate agency to find property in Chelsea or Richmond.

Peckham and Brixton

These two adjoining south London boroughs have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Filled with clubs, bars and beer gardens as well as cinemas, shops, parks and year festivals, they offer everything a Londoner could ever need. The main difference between the two is that Peckham is popular with singles and families alike, while Brixton is a bustling multi-cultural environment filled with young professionals.

The average monthly rent in both districts is roughly the same, sitting just below £1500.


Situated on the fringe of central London, Islington has managed to remain off the grid while still being known for its creative atmosphere. This northern borough is filled with theatres, museums and cool bars, so you will never struggle to find something to do. Just like Maida Vale, Islington also has the bonus of the picturesque canal. It is also a short distance from Camden, the perfect place to go shopping and relax in a bar.

However, being so close to other popular boroughs does mean Islington carries high rents, with the average property costing £2000 per month.

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