Remodeling: Essentials for a Kid’s Room

As a parent, you want to make sure that your child has a decent place to sleep. While you could rack your brain over what color to paint a kid’s bedroom or what theme to make it, you should put that on the backburner. Instead, when you are contemplating what to do when remodeling or even creating a kid’s bedroom, there are certain things you need to think about first. Check out the following list of essential items you will need for your kid’s room.


Storage, storage, and more storage

It’s hard to imagine how something so small could collect so much stuff, but it’s possible. When you are remodeling your child’s room, you need to make sure you have plenty of kid-friendly storage. Make sure your child has a closet or a large wardrobe for clothes. If the closet is large enough, be sure to add some shelving so that your child can keep some toys in there too, especially those that are large (like big trucks).

Using bins is another great way to maintain order in your child’s room. Try to get a bin for every genre of toys, from Legos to dolls to trucks and everything in between. This way, your child will be able to more easily find the toys that he or she wants to play with, and you’ll have an organized way of getting them to clean up when they’re all done playing.

Try finding creative ways to store certain items. For example, wall-hanging spice racks are a great way to keep your child’s books off the floor. Using stuffed animal nets is another great way to ensure that your child’s stuffed toys have a place to call home too.


Charging stations

Today’s children are growing up with more and more electronics than ever before. This means that your child probably has more cords and chargers running throughout his or her room than you could ever imagine. Investing in a charging station can help keep all your child’s cords in one location. This way, whether your child needs to charge their laptop or their gaming controller, they know where to go and there will always be a chord there for them to use.


Loft or Murphy beds

Children need space to play and be creative, and this is sometimes difficult if your child has a smaller bedroom. Eventually, their games, toys, and gadgets start creeping into your area of the home, and this is how things get lost and/or broken. To relieve this issue, consider adding a Murphy bed or loft bed to your child’s room. This allows them to have more floor space for things like desks, dressers, and toys, which ensures that everything of theirs stays in their room. You can either opt to buy a loft or Murphy bed from a local retailer, or you can try your hand at building one yourself if you’re handy.



Doctors have been telling people for years how it’s important to have light, especially when reading. Since your child will have homework, it’s important to ensure he or she has enough light to keep their eyes happy and healthy. Table or desk lamps are a great addition to any room and can help ensure there’s enough light, even if you have an overhead light. Also, make sure that your child has curtains or window treatments that he or she can open so that they can get natural light into their room as well.


So when it comes to remodeling your child’s bedroom, make sure you put just as much thought into these essentials as you do into paint colors and themes.

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