Refurbishing Your House? Hanging Lights Can Set the Tone

So you’ve finally decided to update your place, congratulations! As you well know, our living spaces define who we are. In the words of the late and great architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, “The building art is man’s spatial dialogue with his environment and demonstrates how he asserts himself therein and how he masters it.” So what’s the best place to start your update? The lighting. Lighting helps set the tone of a room. You don’t want a chandelier hanging in your bathroom or a floor lamp taking up space in your kitchen, right?

Light serves many functions in the home. Light helps you complete your household chores, provides safety, and creates atmosphere. After all, “Light is the beautifier of the building.” The right kind of lighting can transform an outdated space into something new and vibrant. First thing first though: the importance of understanding the flow of your space. The floor plan of your house directs how you use the space, and the wrong lighting can limit your home’s potential. Let’s take a look at some common floor plans and explore how the right lighting can impact your space.

Colonial Floor Plan

Symmetry is the name of the game for the colonial floor plan. Taking the form of a rectangle, the two-story colonial home is identifiable by its centralized covered portico. As guests enter the house, the floor plan is divided by the central hall, with a formal dining room and living room flanking the hall on either side. The kitchen is hidden at the back of the house, with the private bedrooms upstairs. As the hall or foyer is the first space guests are welcomed into, it demands lighting that is grand and majestic.

What’s the best lighting to go with for a colonial floor plan? Hanging lights, be it a chandelier or pendant light. A chandelier will add a touch of sophistication to your entryway and bring majesty to your living room. Light the space where you entertain your guests with soft, radiating amber light. Consider the Danielli Chandelier from Currey & Company. This large chandelier is a two-tier sophisticated lighting fixture that features multiple U-curved arms with 12 sparkling bulbs that replicate the candlestick aesthetic.

Italianate Floor Plan

Characterized by its two-to-four story rectangular design and classic proportions, the Italianate floor plan features a low-pitched hipped roof and broad hanging eaves. The windows are large and extravagant and arranged in methodical ranks. The sizeable windows allow for a lot of natural light in the house, particularly in the centralized entryway. The entry hall is lined by the living room, dining room and bedrooms. Like the colonial plan, the kitchen is at the back of the house.

The Italianate floor plan calls for the , also known as pendant lights. The pendant light will complement the flow of the natural light emanating throughout the house without detracting from the interior space. Lighting companies like Lumens carry an array of pendant lights that would complement the Italian accents of your home. The Mini-Rock Candy Cylinder Pendant with its tawny glow is the perfect lighting accessory at sunset in your home. The transparent glass cylinder rolled in clear crystal frit and flash-heated for durability will light your entryway with the subtle glow of a tempered sky.

Open Floor Plan

The purpose of the open floor plan is to maximize the use of large open spaces and to minimize small spaces. Born of Modernism, the point of the open floor plan is to make each room in the house multi-functional. If a room only has only one function, it’s a waste of space. The mark of an open floor plan is its open, centralized kitchen with the house’s other rooms branching from it. The centralized kitchen was supposed to grant the user an easier use of the space with each room being readily available to them by sight and close distance. Light your kitchen with the Bubbles Globe Pendant by Sonneman Lighting. Its clean lines and orb-like design brings the natural order of geometry into your immaculate modern kitchen.

When you decide to relight your space, relight it with the best lighting design has to offer.

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