Preparing Your Property to Sell


Preparing your property in the right way can make a huge difference to both how quickly your property will sell, and the price you’ll be able to achieve. Just a few little tweaks and improvements can make a huge difference to how buyers think and feel about your home, so here’s a guide to help you get your property in the best possible shape, and get those offers coming in!


First Impressions

Buyers form opinions about a property before they even step through the door, and these opinions can sometimes be the difference between an offer coming in and being stuck on the market. Day-to-day we usually don’t pay much attention to the curb appeal of our own homes, so take a few minutes to stand outside and really look at your property to figure out what first impression your home is really giving. It’s also a good idea to compare your home to your neighbours’ homes; if you feel like you’re letting the side down then it’s likely you’ve already failed to impress your potential buyers. If you have a front lawn then make sure the grass is mown and any flowerbeds are tidy – even if there are no flowers in them. Have a good look at the paint on your window frames and doors for any signs of peeling or flaking – if there are, re-paint! It only takes an afternoon, but can really change how well kept your property looks. It’s also one less job a potential buyer will have to do should they make an offer.


Through the Keyhole

 Once you get your potential buyers through the door it’s time to live up to the wonderful first impression you’ve created with the exterior. Buyers are the most receptive at the beginning of a viewing, so it’s vital that your entrance hall is totally free of clutter, any coats are neatly hung, shoes stored away, and post either tidied into a letter rack or kept elsewhere. Storage is something every buyer is looking for, so make sure you’re making the most of your home’s available storage space rather than wasting it. One sneaky trick for making wardrobe storage look bigger is to remove half of the clothes and neatly organize what’s left – giving the illusion of much more space! You could do this by grabbing your winter clothes in summer or vice versa, taking them out of your wardrobe, and vacuum packing them before storing them in a loft or attic. Buyers will snoop, so be sure to keep all your cupboards and cabinets clean and tidy. Natural light and space are at the top of any buyer’s wish list, so open all curtains and blinds, and remove any really heavy drapery. Clean and dust all lampshades and light fixtures to make sure they’re giving off as much light as possible, and consider installing higher watt bulbs in any particularly dark areas. Remember, whatever changes you make they’re temporary, and you’ll only have to live with them for a short time.


Choose the Right Agent

 One of the most important decisions when looking to sell your property is choosing the right agent to help you along they way – from the initial valuation, to dealing with and accepting offers. These days there are a few options; you can go for a traditional agent who will handle brochures, marketing and viewings – but will charge a significant fee. Or you could consider an online agent such as who market your property for you and expose your home to as many buyers as possible, while you handle viewings and deal with buyers personally. Their fees are often significantly less than a traditional agent, so can be a great option combining savings and service.

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