Moving Home? What Can the Kids Do to Help?

When you get ready to move in a fantastic new family home there is likely to be a lot of stress and hard work for the parents. So, what can the kids do to help? The truth is that there is a lot that the youngest members of the family can do to help out during this time. By doing so they should also feel that they are a bigger part of the move.


Let Them Design and Decorate Their Room

If they are old enough, then kids can do a great job in designing and decorating their own bedroom. To get started they could look up the internet for some inspiration on bedrooms for youngsters of their age. This will give them an unbeatable opportunity to set out their living space the way they want it to be. As long as you set down ground rules about things that they can and can’t do, it should turn out be a great experience for them. This will also remove from the parents the need to think about what to do in at least one room in the house.


Get Them to Design Some Art

Putting up unique and interesting pieces of art on the walls is one of the simplest but best ways of adding personality to a newly built family home. If you have some creative little minds in the family then this is a time for them to really shine. This can be a tremendous source of price for your kids over the years, as visitors admire their art. It can also mean that you get something to hang on the wall right away. Again, they won’t be short of ideas if they look up the internet for inspiration. It could even be something as simple as printing off an unusual and attention-grabbing collage of family photos.


Ask Them to Run a Garage Sale

When you move home is just about the best possible moment for getting rid of any clutter or unwanted items around the home. One of the best ways of doing this is by running a garage sale, although the grownups in the family might not have the time to do this. By handing over responsibility for selling old stuff to the kids you will be giving them a fine way of helping out. This will teach them a lot about the value of their belongings and doing business in a fairly modest way. You might even strike an agreement that sees a percentage of the takings going towards the decorating and furniture in their new rooms.


Get Their Help with the Move

When the day of the big move comes along it is easy to let the kids take a backseat while the adults huff and puff moving stuff around all day long. Clearly, you won’t want the kids to risk injury by carrying heavy loads during the move. However, there is sure to be a lot that can do in terms of packing and moving smaller pieces, writing the details on the boxes or maybe controlling the packing checklist. Why not make them feel part of the move by giving them certain tasks to take care of? Moving home is something that the whole family can do together, in order to enjoy a slicker move and also to make it a more exciting experience for all of you.

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