‘Modern Classic’ Home Decor Inspiration

One of the hottest interior design trends for the Spring/Summer 2015 season is ‘Modern Classic’: think rustic furniture complemented with fresh geometric or concentric graphics and metallic fittings. The style comes from a fusion of Scandinavian functional, sleek design and traditional English country elements. Wooden furniture, such as oak, can be translated into beautiful statement pieces in any room, and works well with other aesthetics due to its durability and timeless style, making it a worthy investment for any home. Here’s a room by room guide to achieving this season’s latest look.



A couple of key pieces of statement furniture will build the foundations for a modern classic bedroom that is both functional and stylish. A large oak wardrobe provides a durable home for your cloths, and a statement oak bedframe has a timeless, quaint feel when updated with some sleek, bright pastel bedding and curtains. If baby pink or lilac accents seem too sickly sweet for your tastes, a minty green or pale turquoise welcome in the fresh summer and evoke seaside fun. A metallic chandelier light, coupled with a statement vintage mirror or framed art piece bring the room together as a final touch.



UK property expert Phil Spencer advises that if you are looking to sell, improving your kitchen is the best way to go due its importance as a family hub. As a multifunctional room, it should feel airy and relaxing, with efficient space to do everything. Wooden worktops are long lasting and a perfect material for easy food prep, but modernise them with some accents. Metallic pan racks, either chrome or black iron, make a great contrast and this can also be applied to pendant lights and curtain rails. Soften the contrast with some sleek block coloured furnishings, either white to lighten the room or a bold yellow or green.


Living/Dining Room

Geometric frames meet squishy cushions for a perfect modern classic sofa, accessorised with wooden tables, entertainment cabinets, and bright rugs create a warm yet contemporary lounge space in which to put your feet up.  A good dining room begins with a table and chairs, and solid oak or teak work beautifully for a large table in the centre of a dining room. When you’ve decided on your colour scheme, black or dark grey elements on the chairs contrast well with the oak table. Feel free to vary the ratio of modern to classic to create your ideal room: more ‘classic’ elements such as mismatching prints on tablecloths, napkins, curtains and rugs feel cozier; while light block colours with white or grey offsets feel more ‘modern’ for chic dinner parties.

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