Illuminating Lighting Styles For Each Room

Putting your house on the market is a real leap of faith, and while you may think you are doing everything right for it to sell, and it just isn’t happening. You may have overlooked some small and important details. Getting the lighting right is one small step to make a big difference in presenting your home, so it really does pay to get it right and show off your property to its best standard.

In a what should be one’s personal haven for relaxation, small spots of lighting can customize the level of light you need by switching different parts off and build up how much you want to see. A simple overhead lampshade in a complementary colour provides vital all-around light imperative for getting dressed in the winter mornings, while a soft bedside lamp allows your eyes to transition from dark to light. A dimmer switch is a great idea if your eyes take some time to adjust to different levels of light, and count as an energy-saving measure that could add value to your property.

Bathroom + Utilities
When kitting out the smallest room, your main concern will be vanity lighting, and it is a tricky area to get right. Better Homes and Gardens advise placing two lights either side of the bathroom mirror, totally about 75 watts for optimum brightness. This placement minimizes shadows in the contours of your face, and prevents any missed spots when shaving or applying make up. Stick-on LEDs are great additions to cupboards and medicine cabinets, too.

A well lit kitchen not only allows you to highlight the best assets of a multipurpose room, but is necessary for health and safety reasons when cooking! Avoid using dark shades, as these will absorb the light, and instead opt for minimalist pendant lights or an adjustable overhead track light on the ceiling, which enables you to control the direction of the light. Stick on LEDs come in handy again for showcasing any antiques in a dresser, as well as for creating extra workspace light if you have floating cupboards over your countertops – just stick and LED on the bottom of the cupboard.

Living Room
Unlike the kitchen, the living room is lit for comfort rather than function. One way to draw attention to any interesting architectural points, especially for period houses, is to utilise wall sconces, and standing or table lamps to highlight these features. To add a touch of elegance to overhead lighting, which can sometimes come off as stark, add a chandelier fitting. Metal frames with candle bulbs evoke a gothic feel, while glass designs create subtle shadows that can look beautiful in a high-ceilinged room.

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