Ideas For Adding A Touch of Luxury To Your Bathroom

It may sound odd to us today, but until the mid twentieth century, the bathroom was the pride and joy in any home. Grand houses and manors of centuries gone by would lavish their indoor bathrooms with only the best furniture in order to make a statement. Fortunately, now you are likely to find a nice bathroom in most homes, but to add value to your property, here are some ideas to create a luxury little room – fit for royalty.


Dual Sinks

For a family home, dual sinks are a great way to add a touch of luxury, while making the whole space far more functional for busy mornings. In recent years designers have been working to make the traditionally Lord and Lady concept of dual sinks more modern and minimalist, so have fun choosing sink fixtures that suit your tastes. Take inspiration from hotels, in which you find not only standard ceramic basins but trendy pieces made of glass, stone, or even marble. Building the sinks into a worktop also allows for some sleek shelving possibilities, ridding the medicine cabinet of all that clutter.


Bathtub and Shower

For many homes, the ultimate luxury of the bathroom is a choice between having a bath or shower. If space allows in your home, why not have one of each? Having two components that each do their job well minimises fuss and looks lavish. A traditional clawfoot freestanding tub will generally be slightly deeper than a standard bath, while also serving as a statement piece for the design of your bathroom. However, as with showers, you don’t have to go full Victorian if you don’t wish to, as there are many sleek geometric designs coming onto the market now. When choosing a freestanding shower, there are many luxurious designs to choose from, from sleek cubicles to tropical wet rooms.


Finishing Touches

Getting the lighting right really is important to best show off the assets of your luxury bathroom. With dual sinks, you have a little more freedom to design your vanity lighting to suit you. Strips of light framing two individual mirrors is a nice touch, while making sure that your face is free of shadows when shaving or applying makeup, and reduces the queue for the mirror. Make sure your bathroom lighting is safety fitted with the correct sealant so it won’t be affected by damp or steam. Organise your space to make the most of any natural light, and placing mirrors adjacent to a window will make the room feel more spacious. For final little touches, treat yourself to some high quality towels and bath mats for a truly luxurious experience.



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