How to Make Your Timeshare Feel More Like Home

There’s no place like home. But that is mostly because we don’t try very hard to make other places feel like home. With a little decorating wizardry, lots of places could feel like home. One of those places is your timeshare. Thing is, you don’t want it to feel entirely like home. After all, you’re on vacation. You spent a lot of money so that you could get as far away from home as you could afford. Some of the differences you desire are:

  • A touch of elegance
  • A different look and feel
  • Amenities you don’t normally have a access to

But even these wear thin over longer stretches. When you are going to stay at a place for more than a few days, there are some things about home you are going to miss. To make your timeshare feel more like a second home, you will need the following:

Multiple Rooms Including Kitchen

No matter how large and well appointed the room is, a one-room timeshare is little more than a studio apartment. That’s fine for a couple of days. But after a while, we all get tired of looking at the same four walls. The solution is to add more walls. It is likely that people wealthy enough to have a timeshare do not live in studio apartments. That is exactly what you will get from many converted hotels.

A place like Welk timeshares in San Diego has you covered, as it is a vacation spot with up to three-bedroom bungalows with kitchens. Eating out is nice from time to time. But on a long stay of several weeks, you are going to need to be able to prepare your own food, if only for dietary and financial reasons. Nothing feels like home if it doesn’t have a kitchen.

Cleaning Supplies

One of the reasons you take a vacation in the first place is to get away from housework. But a timeshare is not a hotel. It is more like a second home. Maid service works well enough at a hotel. But in your second home, you are going to need to do a bit of routine maintenance.

Spills and other accidents add up the longer you are in a place. If you are visiting a sandy beach while on vacation, you will be dragging a lot of the outside in. If you want this space of yours to feel like home, you are going to have to be able to do some basic cleanup. Make sure your timeshare is fully stocked with broom, mop, cleaning rags, etc…

Unique Decorations

Hotel rooms look like they are designed by people who never actually stay there for any period of time. It is as if someone just ordered some items in a catalog, which is likely what happened. But we don’t live in catalogs. We live in homes that take on our unique character over time. By bringing along some of those personal touches, we can make just about any space feel a lot more like home.

Your Own Entertainment Options

Reading reviews can reveal a lot about the little details of a place. Welk timeshare review write-ups tell you a lot more than just the rating. You also discover details like DVD players and the like. This is a very important consideration when choosing a timeshare. You want something that makes it easy for you to bring your own entertainment options along for the ride.

By connecting something like an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV box to the big screen in the living room, you can pipe in your own entertainment that you would normally watch if you were at home. Such devices can serve as conduits for any content you have on a smartphone or tablet that you might want to throw on the big screen.

A timeshare is different from a hotel in a number of ways. The biggest difference is that you will be staying in a timeshare for longer stretches at a time, and you own it. Since the timeshare is more of a second home, isn’t it time you started treating yours that way?

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