How To Keep Your Front Loading Washing Machine Clean

Everyone has their favorite type of washing machine, my preference has always been a front loading washer.  What’s yours?

Why Choose A Front Loader?

The Pros

Front loading washing machines are more efficient to run than top loaders, they use less energy and less detergent.  They also have a large capacity which can save you multiple loads. Front loading machines are also said to give a better wash and cause less wear and tear.  And then there’s another really huge advantage if space is tight, front-loaders can be stacked.

And The Cons

But unfortunately even though front-loaders have many advantages they also have some cons.  They can be a pretty expensive purchase, although saving on electricity and detergent can make up for this. The one disadvantage that I have found is that front loaders can sometimes be smelly.

Yes, that’s the only problem front loader owners ever seem to have but there are a few ways to make sure that your machine stays clean and has a fresh odor.

The reason for this musty odor in many front loaders is due to its design water sometimes remains in the tub and in the detergent dispenser between washes.

Here are a few tips from the experts at to keep your washer clean and those nasty musty odors at bay:

  • Use a detergent that is suited to a high-efficiency machine. It is easy to check this, as the information will be written on the detergent packaging. Also, don’t use too much detergent because the remnant suds will build up on the drum, causing mold.
  • Remove the load as soon the machine beeps signaling that the cycle is complete. The longer the damp clothes remain in the machine the more likely it is that they will start to smell musty.
  • Keep the door slightly ajar between loads to air the washing machine out. This will allow air to dry out the remaining moisture, thus decreasing mold build up in the tub.
  • Wipe down the rubber strip inside the door. Clean it using a kitchen rag and warm soapy water or a mixture of water and bleach or vinegar.  Clean around and under the rubber too.  A lot of the residue buildup is found on this rubber, so it can become quite slimy.  It’s important to remove as much of this build up as you can because the gasket is one of the most common sources of the musty smells in washers.  Use Q-tips to get into the difficult spaces. Remove any hair or fabric you find.
  • Clean the soap residue and stagnant water from your detergent dispenser. If your tray is removable it is best to clean it out over the sink, this is also easier for you to reach all parts of the tray.
  • Keep your machine clean and smelling fresh by running a cleaning cycle (the hottest and longest cycle) once a month with bleach or vinegar to get rid of mold and bacteria.

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