How to Install Your Blinds Properly

If you want to stop the harmful rays of the sun from coming into your property, while simultaneously insulating your property and controlling your privacy, then you need window blinds. However, you do have to make sure that you install them properly if you are to experience these benefits. This means you need the right tools and the right instructions. Hopefully, the information below will show you everything that you need.

Installing Your Blinds

First of all, you need to know the size of blind that you need. This means properly measuring your window. Decide whether you want them inside the window frame, or outside of it to get the proper measurements. Have a little test with some fabric to see what will look best. Putting them inside the frame tends to make windows look slimmer, but putting them outside makes your windows look much larger.

Now that you have purchased your blinds, you have to make sure that all the necessary parts were included. One of the most vital parts is the instruction manual and you should follow this properly. Have a pencil or pen ready to tick off each step that you have completed. Use the same pencil to mark your wall in terms of where your brackets are going to be. Getting your brackets in the right place and attaching them properly is vital, as it will keep your blinds secure.

Once you have marked your wall, you will have to start drilling holes. Always check to make sure there is no electrical wiring or pipework at the spot where you want to drill. Now you can drill your holes and then you can attach the brackets to the holes you have just drilled. Make sure the little doors on the bracket are open and facing each other (or facing outwards depending on the type of bracket), so that you can insert the headrail with ease.

Then, there is the valance. It tends to cover the upper part of your window. Many times, it actually hangs on its own, but there are also some that are attached to the window blind itself. You have to make sure, either way, that it stays over the headrail, hiding that from view. It has to be in the right position so that it enhances the overall look of the blind.

It is likely that your blinds will come with a wand that allows you to lower and raise and turn the slats. Many manufacturers install the wand for you, but some don’t. Luckily, installing the wand is very easy. You just need to hook it and then move it down in the plastic cover that should be included.

All of this may sound complex, but it isn’t. The instructions will generally give you really clear ideas of how to attach your blinds and anyone is able to do it. However, if really aren’t confident about your DIY skills, you can always ask a professional to do it for you.

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