How to Decorate the House at Christmas with Style

It’s the season to be jolly. That’s right Christmas is on its way. Have you reached into the loft yet and brought down last year’s decorations? No – we have some stylish and sleek designs that will have your neighbours in envy this Christmas.

Knock it up a gear this year and say good bye to traditional greens and reds this year in favour of a modern Christmas palette.  This year decorate your home from simple blacks and golds to unexpected pinks and yellows.

Christmas is a very special time for the whole family.  It is a time when our homes are warm havens and a great escape from the chill of the outdoors as guests are invited to share stories around a hot fire.

Truly capture the magic of Christmas with a decadent candy buffet and charming displays on the mantel piece we hope to pass on some inspiration with these modern yet stylish approaches to decorating your home.

Light the house up brightly

An obvious one but light up your home with lights.  Some of your fondest moments from childhood Christmas’s is walking around the neighbourhood with your family members in awe of the big Christmas decorations.

There is nothing stopping you taking a drive round now and get some inspiration from your neighbours.  Where possible stick to simple singular colours and avoid clashing colours.  If you are going to use twinkling white lights avoid adding a flashing red sleigh.  White is classic, crisp and may encourage you to think about snow.

Add a centerpiece

Ok the halls are decked now it is time to bring a splash of colour to your dining table.  For the ultimate arrangement consider candle canes, marshmallows and candy ribbons. Here are some great ideas from Lovethesign

Accentuate your overhead lighting

Don’t limit glorious baubles to your Christmas tree finish your overhead lighting with ribbon hanging from the chandelier and sparkly decorations.  Not something you may have considered by trust us it will look fantastic and the eye opener you need for your hall or living space.

Accessorize your wall mirrors

Don’t forgot your wall mirrors this Christmas.  Accessorize the corners with sparkly deer’s and holiday décor that compliments your mirror.  After all your mirror is something you look at everyday so you want it to look pretty over the festive period.

Add a touch of personality

The trick to making Christmas décor look and feel like it belongs in your home is to inject your personal interest into the detail.  A bare windowsill can look stylish in no time at all with a few jars in varying heights.

Dress your windows

Decorate your windows this year and turn your home into a welcoming place for your guests and passerby’s.  Use fake snow, window pictures and lights to add some buzz to your home.

Brighten up a corner of the room

Add a touch of colour to a dark corner of a room with an alternative colour palette.  Place a fake tree and decorate this with lavender, pinks and even feathers to make it a crowd pleaser and a display worthy of attention.  Everyone uses baubles and garland so pink feathers and lavender are a complete contract, a welcome one.

Create your own advent calendar

Replace a chocolate advent calendar with a handmade one that is filled with family treats.  A homemade calendar is a personal touch and there are lots of ideas of the internet if you are struggling for ideas.

Turn your dining table into a special one

Add a touch of warmth to your dining table with layers finished with a runner running down the centre.  Treat your dining table this Christmas with the Lugo table cloth.  For more glam add frosted pinecones and Christmas themed wine glasses.  We particularly like the Alv white wine glasses available to order for £29.

Have a white Christmas

There is no denying the brilliance that white brings to the winter months.  Accentuate your white frosted Christmas tree with clear glass ornaments and silver and white tones.  The tree will look a breath of fresh air.

We hope that the ideas provided will give you the incentive to change how you think about decorating your home this year and will give you the confidence to try something a lot different.  If you are not feeling brave enough to add pinks and feathers to your festivities add some glamour to your dining table with shimmering silvers and whites.


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