How to Create the Best Nursery

Having a baby is exciting, and parents often enjoy the time spent putting their new baby’s room together. While you may not spend as much time in your child’s nursery as you think, it will be a place for your child to grow, and this is what’s important. There are also plenty of things you can do to make it more functional and useful. Check out the following tips on how to create the best nursery for your son or daughter.

Choose a theme
Some people know their nursery theme right away, and others need time to think. While it’s not a requirement, it will help you when choosing sheets, curtains, toys, and décor for the room. You can keep it classic with a Winnie the Pooh theme, or you can do something unique, such as a theme based on your favorite movie, book, or what have you. The possibilities are endless, so think long and hard before making a final decision.

Include storage
You’ll be amazed at how much stuff a tiny little baby can accumulate, which is why you want to ensure you have plenty of storage. Hang shelves, buy bins, and have a set of drawers somewhere in the room to collect cloths, toys, changing blankets, spit rags, and the like. Plus, by having a place for everything, you’ll be more organized. This is extremely important when you go through diapers and outfits like crazy those first few weeks.

Include the right furniture
Baby retail stores are always trying to push you to buy something that you actually don’t need, so be sure to make smart decisions. For example, your baby will want to buy a crib or a bassinet, but you don’t need a Diaper Genie—a normal trash can will do. You can also buy a changing table, but keep in mind that you can also safely change your baby on the floor too, so it may not be necessary. Don’t let anyone pressure you into buying baby furniture you don’t need.

Painting the nursery usually comes with creating the theme, but sometimes parents overlook the importance of this. When you paint a nursery, you want to make sure it’s something your child can grow with that will not require you to paint it every year. Also, since your baby will be spending most of their time in their nursery sleeping, you should consider soft or dark colors. Colors that are too bright, like hot pink or neon orange, may not provide the best sleeping arrangement for your child.

Don’t stress
This is hard to do, as the nesting stage has usually taken over, but you need to keep yourself from stressing out. Most parents stress over getting the nursery ready before the baby comes home, but it’s not that important. Your baby will usually sleep in your bedroom for the first few weeks/months anyway, and as a small baby, the nursery will be used more for storage than anything else. If everything is not perfect before baby arrives, don’t worry. It will get there eventually.

Creating a nursery is something you can easily do yourself. Visit Lowe’s Canada or another retail store to get all the supplies you need for themes and storage, and you’ll be on your way to creating a lovely oasis for your new baby.

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