How Hot Weather Affects Your Home Appliances

If you live in California, you’ll know how warm the weather can get over the summer months. And although most of your home appliances may get a vacation during the summer if you’re using your clothes line instead, using your grill instead of the stove and turning off the heating system, it’s important to consider the effect that warm weather can have on home appliances, whether you are using them or not – especially as some appliances are used more than others in the summer. We’ve put together a list of ways in which hot weather can affect your home appliances, and what you can do to prevent them.

Struggling Refrigerator

Just as you and your family might feel a bit too hot to function if the temperature rises above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, your refrigerator will probably feel the same way. Most refrigerators are able to work quite efficiently in temperatures up to 95 degrees, but when the temperature creeps up even further they begin to struggle. This is the main reason why most fridges fail in the summer over any other time of the year. A good way to combat this issue is to ensure that you turn on your home’s cooling system if you know that temperatures are going to hit a record high. It’s also a good idea to keep contact details for a home appliance service to hand – see Major Home Appliance service locations to check if your area is covered.

Air-Con Working Overtime

During the warm summer months, your air conditioning system will be working twice as hard in order to ensure that your home is kept cool. Failing to keep up with proper maintenance on your home cooling system could result in not only your home being far too warm, but you might also be left to deal with broken air conditioners and a hefty repair bill. In order to prevent this, keep good care of your air conditioning system by regularly cleaning the coils and filters, replacing filters when needed and checking the coolant lines.

Overheated Water

What may be perfect water temperature during the colder winter months may be far too hot during the summer. This is due to water in the internal pipes of the house heating up during hot summer days, which translates into water that’s far too warm once it passes through your home water heater. This is an issue that is easily fixed by adjusting the temperature on the appliance. Experts recommend that the best temperature is between 110 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Washer and Dryer Overuse

During the summer months it’s normal to have more laundry, especially if you have children who are off school and spending their days playing out on the park. Although you don’t really have the option to stop doing your laundry, you can cut down on your drying by using an outdoor clothes line, and ensure that the appliances are covered by a warranty.

There is no need to be hit with costly repair bills during the summer months if you follow the instructions to prevent issues.


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