How Good Security Can Add Value to Your Home

Even the most inexperienced of burglars will know the signs of a home which is protected by a monitored home security system and know that their chances of successfully breaking in without being caught are very low when compared to unprotected homes. A neighborhood that’s filled with homeowners who protect their properties with professionally installed and monitored home security systems creates a living environment that’s much more desirable, especially when a home is put up for sale. We’ve taken a look at how having professional home security features can increase the value of your home.

Discount Eligibility

Insurance companies consider home security systems to be a valuable addition to a property, and many home insurance firms will offer homeowners up to a twenty percent discount on their monthly premiums if a security system is installed in the home. Home insurance discounts are quite competitive, and having a security system fitted is a factor which provides one of the largest discounts.

Safety is Attractive

When we feel like something offers a higher level of security and safety for ourselves and our families, price becomes less of a deciding factor when making a decision to purchase. Whether it’s a new car with child-safety features or proper protective clothing for a construction work job, if items help you and those you love to stay safe in your day to day lives, most of us don’t mind a slightly higher price tag. The same goes for homes – if you are preparing your home for sale, a monitored home security system will make it much more attractive to prospective buyers.

If you are able to demonstrate how the doors and windows are protected in your home by sensors, how motion detector lights work on the exterior of your home, and how the smoke detectors, flood warning systems and carbon monoxide sensors work, you will be able to create a real sense of security and safety with the vast majority of potential buyers. When you have security features installed which can resonate with prospective buyers on a real and personal level, you’re much more likely to get your asking price or at the very least receive offers close to it. When a prospective buyer understands that they won’t have to undertake any upgrades or improvements to security should they purchase your property, you have a much better chance of getting the price that you want.

Personal Peace of Mind

Even if you are not planning on selling your home just yet, adding a security system can certainly add value to your everyday life. The system will help you to feel safer when you’re at home, and you’ll feel much more secure and relaxed when you’re away in the knowledge that your home and belongings are being protected and looked out for. With advances in technology, you can even get security systems that allow you to monitor the activity in your home yourself remotely from any web-enabled device.

If you’re convinced that a home security system is for you, click here for more information.

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