Go Green – In Style!

We all know how important it is to do our bit at home for a healthier planet. What many of us might not realise is that making a difference doesn’t have to come at the expense of style or convenience. Check out ethical fashion designer Marcia Patmos’s sustainably revamped Brooklyn, NY apartment for some inspiration, then get thinking about what you could do with the tips below. Remember – the purpose of a green home is not just to do something good for the planet, but to improve your own life with a cleaner environment too.


A Few Ideas to Get You Going

One relatively low-cost thing you can do is to install sleek ‘n’ stylish foot pedals on your sinks. As well as reducing your water usage, they make hand-washing ten times more convenient (no more fiddling about with soapy hands) and will bring the look of your bathroom right up to date. Planning to redecorate? Avoid paint with VOCs (volatile organic compounds, a bunch of nasty chemicals with well-known irritant effects) and go for beautiful VOC-free shades from companies such as Mythic.


Want some furniture to go with your new colour scheme? Instead of popping to your nearest homeware superstore for a new MDF wardrobe, think about going vintage – as well as enjoying a huge choice of great-looking retro and classic designs, you’ll often be getting a piece of furniture that’s of better build and quality than the mass-produced stuff we often resort to today. If you’re looking to update your home with new carpets, consider investing in a sleek, sustainable alternative such as sustainably harvested hardwood instead.


Need More Inspiration?

If you liked what you read here and want to find out more, get googling! The Huffington Post has some simple tips for creating a healthier home ecosystem, while companies such as Crate&Barrel are dedicated to producing beautiful, sustainable homeware (all their wood products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council!) If you’re really serious about creating as green a home as possible – and saving yourself money in the process – you should also look at switching to a cheap, environmentally-conscious energy supplier such as Alinta. Considering a switch can be daunting, but will often be more than worth it!


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