Do Private Home-owners Need To Replace Their R-22 Air Conditioners?

You may be aware that from the 1st January 2015 there was a change in law which is estimated to affect 35 percent of home-owners properties in the UK. This change in legalisation now prevents machines that run on R22 refrigerant being serviced and refilled. R22 refrigerant is an ozone depleting substance and therefore it is extremely important that most air conditioning units no longer use it. Although it is obvious that businesses must change their R22 air conditioning units by law, there are plenty of home-owners that are also asking a similar question. So do private home owners need to replace their R22 air conditioning units too?

What is the change in the R22 laws?

The plan to phase out R22 was introduced by law back in 2003. The aim was to stop future
damage to the ozone layer by depleting HCFCs. The deadline for this R22
phase out was 31 December 2014. However there are still many homes that use R22 in their air conditioning units.

How are R22 changes going to affect your home air conditioning units?

When the law changed on December 31st 2014, it did not become instantly illegal to run R22 air conditioning machines. However it is illegal to service, maintain and refill them. You will find after this point it will not be possible to service or repair air conditioning units in the event of a breakdown. As a home-owner you may find yourself in terrible trouble in the event of a breakdown. It may be that your units become unserviceable by any company and you may have to quickly install new units.

What are the options for the future of your air conditioning units for 2015?

If you are not sure if your air conditioning units run on R22 then it is best to bring in professionals for an inspection. You may find out that the professional will not be able to service your air conditioning units as the deadline is now passed. In some instances it may be possible to modify the
air conditioning system so it can take an ozone friendly refrigerant. Changes can be made to enable units to use a legally permitted refrigerant. This could be a cost effective and viable
alternative to changing the whole system.

As a home owner you may just want to change the whole air conditioning system. After all, you may find that the system you have in place at the moment is at least a decade old if it is using R22 refrigerant. A new air conditioning unit will be ozone-friendly, efficient and cheaper to run than and older one. At Breeze Installations we can come and inspect your home property, and give you a very competitive quote on upgrading your air conditioning system.

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