Cool Teen Room Décor for Girls

Everyone’s bedroom should be their oasis, teen room décor that is cool and comfortable will make any teen girl value her oasis. There are plenty of great ideas for cool teen room décor. Finding just the right style for your teen requires a little personalization.

One of the best ways to decorate a teen girls room is to get input from her. What is your teen interested in? Is she sporty? Glam loving? A little edgy? Knowing what she is “into” will help to form the direction you take to ensure that she loves her cool teen room décor.

The Basics

There are a few things that are going to anchor your teen girls room and that will set the pace for your room.

  • Window treatments
  • Bed set
  • Flooring
  • Lighting

One of the things you want to avoid is matching window treatments and bed set. While matchymatchy is cute for younger children older children need something a little more sophisticated. You can for example go with a purple bed set with print widow treatments that draws on the color of the bed set but is not exactly the same color or pattern.

Teen room décor should always include some cool floor treatments like a cool area rug where laying around and reading is encouraged. Lighting is also a very important part of pulling together a teen room. We will take a look at each of the elements to give you some ideas.

Window Treatments

For privacy reasons it is always a good idea to go with blinds AND drapes. It is best to go with white or wood blinds and add some interest with the drapes. There are tons of patterns out there that can work well in a teen girls room. Break the pink cycle with a pair of gray and yellow drapes maybe some large yellow circles on a solid gray background. You can also go with white sheers that can gently blow in the breeze when the window is open.

Bed Set

You can turn any bed into a big comfy bed with the right bed set. Look for duvet covers that fit your teens style. White eyelet covers for the young lady that has a romantic heart, something plump and luxurious for the glam girl and something lux for the more sophisticated young lady can really set the right tone in the room.


Again you are going to have to know your teen girls style to pick the right area rug. A lux faux flokati, something wool or maybe even an exotic hand knotted rug can help to really pull the room together.


Here is where you can get really creative. For the glam girl why not go with a chandelier? As a matter of fact any teen girl would love a chandelier in their bedroom but if that is not an option there are many others waiting for your acceptance. Great lamp shades can transform a so so lamp into a WOW lamp. It does not take a lot to pull together really cool teen room décor.
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