Choosing Rugs for Your Home – An Exciting Experience

Home decor is one of the most important issues that arise when decorating a new residence or when redecorating becomes necessary. Designing your home with furniture and rugs takes a bit of pre-planning to ensure that the design meets comfort and style expectations. There is an art to creating a comfortable home with all of the furnishings that make the most attractive, unique style statement.

Tips on Choosing Rugs for Your Home
When it comes to furnishings, Century Furniture has a broad range of styles from which to choose. To make a well-focused style statement, begin with the type of furniture such as traditional, Oriental or contemporary. There are several types of rugs to choose from. These include:

  • Area rugs
  • Traditional
  • Shag
  • Contemporary

The most popular rug styles today lean toward area and traditional rug designs for traditional decor. For contemporary decor, shag or natural fiber rugs are also quite popular.

To choose rugs for your home, the most important tip is to determine the size of the rug. Color, texture and design are also tips to consider. Think of your room decor as a painting on a wall. Rugs and Century Furniture can contrast or coordinate to create the full picture of personal style and comfort.

Build and Balance Your Room Decor
Build the rest of the room furnishings around the type of rug that balances with the overall style. For example, in the dining room a natural fiber rug coordinates well with modern dining furniture. In a living, you might want a more prominent color and design that coordinate with sofa, chairs, tables and lamps. Choose a painted Oriental table set upon an area rug with subtle colors that pick up the colors of the painted table design.

Rugs with Durability
When you choose a rug for style, it’s also important to consider rug durability and the amount of foot traffic the rug will receive over time. Wonderfully designed area rugs are often used as wall coverings, so stunning are their colors and artistry. Picture a smaller sized area rug as a wall covering with a matching rug in a larger size for the floor. That’s a very daring and very artistic room decor style statement.

The Shape of Rugs
Choose rugs with defined shapes like oval, octagon, round, square and scalloped edges for added room decor distinction. Round, oval, octagon and rugs with scalloped edges look great beneath a dining table or in the center of a living room or foyer. For long halls, add a matching or contrasting runner. The shape of rugs is as important as size, color and pattern of the design. To ensure balance, consider the shape of furniture in harmony with rugs.

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