Building a Home: How to Keep Your Site Secure

Anybody who has worked in the construction business knows how important it is to keep a construction site safe and secure. If you are currently in the process of building your own home, making sure that the site is secure and safe from criminals such as thieves and vandals should be a top priority. Ensuring that the correct security measures are in place helps the whole process to go more smoothly and minimises the risk for any insurance claims or setbacks due to thefts or damage. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your home construction site is as secure as possible. Read on to find out more.

CCTV Cameras

Installing CCTV cameras around your home construction site is a sure way to ensure that thieves and other criminals are deterred from entering. CCTV cameras can be obtained from many different places, however for a construction site you will want to choose a company which specialises in construction site security. There are different types of CCTV cameras which you can choose from; including cameras with recorded footage, and cameras which provide you with a live feed of footage remotely so that you can watch any break-ins or incidents in real time and respond to the situation more quickly.

Security Fencing

Putting up security fencing around your home construction site is a simple yet excellent method of ensuring that the boundaries of the site are clearly marked and that trespassing and crime is minimised. You should have security fencing erected by a professional company and clearly mark it with signs warning that trespassers on the site will be prosecuted. If you have CCTV installed on site, you may also find it useful to display a sign notifying people of this on the fencing as well.

Night Visits

Night time is the prime time for criminals such as thieves and vandals, and therefore visiting your construction site at night or even hiring static security services in order to keep it protected is recommended. By visiting the site at night, you have a good idea of how it appears to criminals and trespassers, and can make better decisions about which factors of security need to be improved. Hiring a security guard may be costly, however it could be an investment which is worthwhile.

Secure Storage

It is no secret that construction sites are home to a range of expensive tools and equipment, and thieves who target them often do so in the hope of stealing these items and selling them on. In order to avoid this situation, it’s a good idea to hire a secure storage area for any tools and equipment to be left in overnight rather than storing them on site. If any tools need to be stored on site, there should be a secure, locked and monitored area where they can be safely left.

Do you have any further tips for keeping a home construction site safe and secure? Let us know in the comments.

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