Best Ways on How to Make Your Home Smell Good

Have you ever experienced walking back into your home from work or from the store and noticing something smelling funny? It hits you like a punch in the face and you do not know where it comes from. You take a few minutes to gather yourself and then try to find out what the problem is. People usually resort to lighting scented candles or using air fresheners to get rid of the small. But that is usually a temporary solution as one needs to get to the root of the problem in order to eliminate the smell entirely. There are various reasons that cause bad smells in your home, trash from your dust bin, leftover food, mold, your pets and various other things. Here are some helpful ways that can be used as a prime solution when dealing with the unwanted smells in your home. Use them wisely and make your homes smell wonderful again.

Use a homemade air freshener

Buying those expensive air fresheners can affect your budget and not always bring back good results to the atmosphere of your home. Not only will it make you waste your money but you won’t be able to get rid of the smell that you were after in the first place. One of the best ways to spare money and also making your home smell fresh is making your own air freshener. You will not use any chemicals that are found in some of the spray and the homemade one you make will be 100% natural as you will be making it yourself and will know what you put in it. Simply dissolve 1/8 cups of baking soda into 2 cups of hot water. Add to the mix 1 cups of lemon juice, the most important ingredient of the mix. Just pour it into a spray bottle, shake it a bit, and you are ready to go. Use it in any part of the house and you will immediately see the difference, or rather, smell the difference as your homes will have a nice and pleasant feeling to them

Get rid of bad smells in your fridge

More than often you will open your fridge and will be staggered with the unpleasant smell that suddenly rushes out of it. The combination of food and the different odors they produce sometimes lead to an unbearable combination that can feel very unpleasant. Not to mention that sometimes you might forget about a piece of food that goes bad and starts rotting away within your fridge. In order to prevent such nasty occasions there is a simple way that you can do that. Take a orange and cut it in half. Now just take away all the edible part and the pulp from the inside and get rid of it, or simply eat it, not good being wasteful with food. Use the leftover orange shell and fill it halfway with salt. Now put that into a small bowl and place it at the back of the fridge. The salt will neutralize and dissolve any unwanted odors while the orange shell will replace the bad ones with a nice citrus smell that will do your fridge a lot good.

Ice cube your sink

Sinks with a disposal unit can also produce bad smells. Grinding through various leftover food and stuff which has been washed from the dishes will make and kind of a sink disposal smell very bad after a while. Don’t let your sink be a part of the problem and utilize a very effective and very easy to make solution to freshen things up. Take an ice cube tray and three lemons. Chop the lemons into small bits and pieces and place them into the tray. Not take some distilled white vinegar and pour it evenly into each space in the tray. Freeze the tray into a freezer like you would normally do when making ice cubes and immediately after they are frozen store them into a plastic bag and keep them in the freezer. Whenever you have a problem with the garbage shoot in your sink, just send one ice cube down and grind it. It will make a whole lot of difference as the sink will not smell so bad and you will get a nice lemony smell instead.

Don’t throw away your tea bags

Closets or other storage spaces my easily and very quickly be infested with bad odors and smells. Your cellar facility can be infested with mold or the things that you keep inside it can produce the bad smell that you do not want happening inside. But luckily there is a simple solution for that as well. First of all, do not throw away your old tea bags as they might serve another use. Gather some of them and hang them on the back of the door of the storage area or your caller. This inexpensive trick and a fabulous solution will make the small room that is causing you trouble smell fresh again. When you feel that the smell coming from the tea bags is dwindling, refresh them with a few drops of essential oils and you will be good to go once more.

Deal with the smell in your trash bins

The trash from your garbage bins causes the greatest amount of smell in your household and is perhaps the prime reason bad odors infest your house. You will need to deal with this accordingly so you get to suppress the smell and deal with it so it does not spread around the entire house and infesting the entire household that way. The best trick and also the easiest one is to use an air freshener and spray it on the outline of the bin. That way no bad odors can get out or spread across the house. It is best to resolve the issue at its core and stop it from spreading. If you are interested in more ways on how to stop the smell from your trash bin to spread, check them out here and you will be able to find out more interesting and useful homemade methods that will save your home becoming a smelly infested dump.

Make an all-natural air freshening centipede

Doing things the natural way is the best one that you can utilize in your struggle against bad smells in your home. Freshening up a living room or a everyday setting can easily be done by making a trip to nature. On your next nature trip gather some pine cones and bring them home with you. Take a basket and arrange the gathered pine cones in it and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mix. Just leave the basket with the pine cones like that on a table or wherever you want them and it will refresh the entire room and add a pleasant atmosphere to your household. It has a twofold usefulness as it can also act as a decorative addition to your household setting.

The fastest way to deal with a smelly house

The easiest and also the fastest way to deal with the smells in your house, particularly in your kitchen is by using a stove and a saucer. Just take the saucer and add some water in it and inside put your favorite mix of good-smelling items. You can add some cinnamon sticks, almond extract, vanilla extract, apple cider or anything else that you feel comfortable with or like the smell of. You can experiment this way and come up with your favorite mix and the most appropriate way for you to refresh your kitchen and your room. So just turn the stover on and make the additives that you have paled inside cook and they will let out a multitude of smells that will immediately throw out the bad ones that you do not want in your house. It works fast and it works easy and is a good way if you want to get rid of the bad odors within a short time period. Another way would be to hire a commercial cleaning company.

Use carpet references

Carpets can be the cause of bad smells as well. The initial thought would be to clean the carpets and wash them immediately, but that will take too much time and does not work for fast runs. We can help you save your time and effort on washing the carpets by using baking soda. Baking soda is also a good way for you to use with some dangerous spills and stains for your carpets and a mixture of different ingredients with the baking soda can relieve you from various stains. But it can also relieve you from bad smells that the rugs can cause. By making a mixture which includes 1 cup of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon, you will get an ultimate carpet freshener which will fight off various odors that the bacteria from your carpet can make. Just put it in a salt shaker and spread it all over the floors. Let it stand like that for about 30 to 60 minutes and vacuum regularly afterwards. Your floors will be great and once more and the odor in your house will be welcoming again.

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