Beautiful, Eco Friendly Window Blinds – You Can’t Miss

Whenever people move to a new house the first thing they do is look out of the windows. They look outside the window, admire the view, enjoy the bright light coming through the glass, and observe the different light levels in every part of the house. People want to control the amount of light they want in each corner of their house. In office they would want to cut the glare as they tend to work and would not want sunlight bothering too much. While in living room they would want lots of light in order to help them keep their lights off and save electricity using daylight.

Wide and large windows provide a stunning look to the outside world but sometimes the amount of light that flows through those windows can cause a lot of problems. Especially in summer, more heat gain can cause the room temperature to rise up quickly which will make the turning up of A/C inevitable which obviously isn’t a good choice. In winter the case may go in favor but ultimately the more you expose the more heat is lost through the window which will balance the equation for the room.

Custom Blinds might come in very handy in these conditions. Blinds and shades pay an important role as they could offer a great deal of light and heat control depending on the choice you made. Honeycomb shades are one of the best for this choice as they were originally invented during the energy crisis. Now, they are available in different colors and styles to match your interior design and furniture so it will not make you do any compromise with your inner look of house. The honeycomb blinds can allow you to vary levels of light depending on how they are used over the windows and covering how larger windows. Venetian blinds can provide insulation in winters too much will allow you to keep your heaters off and enjoy cozy and warm atmosphere.

Drapes with thicker fabrics can act like blankets in winters which will insulate the house during winters. If you are not sure about thicker fabrics you can use light color drapes which will allow enough light to light up the room. A heavy canvas fabric with lighter color complexion can keep your house bright and insulated.

Another option that you can look for is shutter which is very beneficial in very hot areas. You c an cut off the maximum solar heat coming through the windows and keep your house comfortable during summers.

A real professional can help you install the right custom blinds and other treatments for your windows. You can consult the right profession in order to get the right choice for your windows and doors. Things that you must consider while looking for the right window treatment is the direction your windows and doors face and how they going to be used. Office rooms might not need a lot of glare where as living rooms might need a lot of light while library or study simple wouldn’t need light as more revealing of light to books might harm the books.  Hence a professional or an experienced person might come in handy in order to guide you make the right choice for your home.

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