Architectural Inspiration For Your Dream Home

Thinking about designing your own house? If so, this list is for you. We’ve compiled four amazing examples of home architecture from different genres and countries around the world in the hope of providing you with some breath-taking inspiration for your own home. Mix them up or combine with your own ideas to create something truly unique! If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of the practical details – finding the right contractor, ordering materials, arranging access equipment hire and all the rest – these gorgeous photos will encourage you to not to give up on the house of your dreams.


Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to minimalist architecture than simply whittling your design down to the basic necessities – minimalism is a recognised architectural standard with a range of defining features. Minimalist houses feature a creative, often irregular use of massing. Typically, they will have flat or a shed roofline and a good number of oversized windows (a great way for opportunity for opening the house up to attractive surrounding scenery). The design will focus on clean lines and a minimum of ornamentation, often with an unconventional open floor plan, while the interior décor will give a calming, neutral impression, often livened up by carefully chosen wooden features or isolated splashes of colour.


As its name suggests, the core focus of green house building is producing a sustainable home with exceptionally efficient use of energy and resources. Good green architecture also strives to make energy efficiency beautiful and to preserve visual harmony with nature, which means that that each and every green architectural creation is uniquely inspired by its surrounding environment and environmental aims. By incorporating innovative, eco-friendly features, green buildings can save their owners significant amounts of money in the long term. The décor consists of organic, recycled, repurposed or otherwise low-impact materials.


European-style home designs combine materials and exterior features from the English, French, Italian, Spanish and Mediterranean architectural schools. An enduringly popular option, they lend themselves well to combining “Old World” exterior features (for a luxurious feel) with the best of modern amenities on the inside. Characteristic of the style are steep, multi-peaked rooflines, stucco or stone facing, courtyards, bay-shaped rooms and windows and carefully thought-out ornamental details such as repeating arches.


Popular in the southern United States and other parts of the Americas, adobe-style houses are traditionally built with adobe – an ancient, low-cost and environmentally friendly building material – and are characterised by massive, rounded-edge walls, flat rooves and simple, deep-set windows. The style takes its inspiration from the nature-guided aesthetic of early Native American homes.

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