A Guide To Choosing The Best Kitchen Cabinets

Are you planning on a kitchen remodel any time soon? If so you can expect to spend at least 40 percent of your remodel budget on new kitchen cabinets, Not only are they a functional part of the kitchen, they set the entire tone of the of the kitchen. The bottom line is if you get the kitchen cabinets wrong you could be heading for a very expensive mistake. However, get this part right and you are on a golden path.

Setting Your Budget

There are three types of cabinets to choose from: stock, semi-custom, and custom. An average kitchen has about 30 linear feet of cabinets and can cost around $70 per linear foot. Contemporary kitchen cabinets can be purchased fully assembled from any of the big box home improvement stores and installed in the home. Semi-custom cabinets are more expensive and range in cost from $150 to $250 per linear foot. These cabinets come in many more configurations and finding a set that fits your kitchen is easier. Custom cabinets are crafted to the exact specifications of your kitchen and are much more personal in nature. With that in mind, they also come with the highest price of $500 or more per linear foot.

Finding A Style

One of the biggest decisions you will be facing is choosing between frameless and framed. A framed cabinet consists of a box and a face frame, with the doors and drawers already attached. Frameless cabinets remove the face frame all together with the drawers and doors attached to the cabinet box This gives you a much more contemporary look while being more accessible. The downside to purchasing frameless cabinets you are compromising rigidity. To compensate for this minor flaw, you can find thicker boxes using ¾-inch plywood. If you are torn between the two, you can choose a framed cabinet with a full-overlay door. This will cover the majority of the face frame and give you the best of both worlds.

Choose The Perfect Features

The right accessories can improve the looks and functionality of your cabinets but will also increase the cost. One small addition to consider is the all-important pull-out trash can. Is there any way to survive without this vital improvement in the kitchen? Another option to consider in this technology driven world is the addition of built-in charging stations to keep all of your devices organized.

You may have considered appliance garages that are designed to keep your appliances concealed. However, they typically do not offer the best solution. A better choice would be a lift cabinet that works with a spring-loaded shelf that swings up and out. This will give you much better access to all of your small appliances.

If you are looking to save the most money possible, it is best to stick to the essentials. You just never want to skimp on quality construction materials.


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