A Dash of Color and Comfort: Modern Ways to Add Bean Bag Chairs to Your Home

Bean bag chairs are retro throwbacks that are making a comeback due to the provided level of comfort and versatility of usage.  A number of people introduce bean bag chairs into their living room, bedroom, study, indoor porch, etc.  You can even take bean bag chairs on the road with you.  Learn how to choose a comfortable bean bag chair and ways to use them in your home to add some flavor and added comfort.

How to Choose
Bean bag suppliers offer many models, and you’ll need to consider fabric, size, and the filling to make the best choice for your home.  Shop over at for a wide selection of chairs.

When you think of a retro bean bag, it’s likely you vision one with a vinyl cover.  However, modern bag chairs come in a variety of fabrics.  Choose from leather, microsuede, denim, and cotton.  Regardless of the fabric, choose one that has a removeable cover for easy cleaning.  The chosen fabric needs to be durable enough for people to sit on while the bag rests on the floor.  Material that is cheap or too fragile will easily tear or get stretched.  Choose a model that has double stitching so it lasts a long time.

Bean bags come in different shapes.  Pear shaped designs offer better back support since they cover more of the sitter’s body.  A flatter shape is great for seating two people or when used to substitute a coffee table.  Some, designed specifically for children, are small and comfortable for smaller bodies.

Your level of comfort and how you want to lounge dictates what type of filling you desire.  Polystyrene beads are light and makes it easy for the chair to modify itself to the sitter.  Such filling is firm and supportive.  However, polystyrene flattens over time and it’s likely you will need to refill the bag.

Polyturethane is popular since it lasts a long time.  It does not break down and the bag will stay comfortable for a long time without needing a refill.  The shredded foam is soft while letting the sitter sink down and providing support.

A natural latex is great for those who like avoiding chemicals.  Latex derives from the Rubber tree, all natural, and resists mold, mildew, and dust mites.  However, a copious amount of latex is required to fill a bean bag chair.

Lastly, there is Superfill, a combination of polystyrene beads and polyurethane foam.  Superfill is a great combo, providing the lightness of polystyrene and the softness of shredded foam.

Ways to Implement
As mentioned, bean bags are making a comeback, so here are a few ideas that will inspire how you introduce one or more bags into your home.

Introduce a Bit of Life
Bean bags are a throwback item.  Nostalgia makes people happy and likely to remember their youthful days.  Also, bean bag covers are colorful.  So whether you’re choosing a bag that fits the color pattern of the room or introduces a bold contrast, you’ll definitely make an impression.

Brighten Up an Office
An office or study can grow sterile if you’re always sitting on the same seat and at the same desk.  Aside from brightening up a space, a bean bag chair offers another sitting alternative.  Place it by the window, away from glare, or by a lamp for better lighting.  It’s good to introduce a bit of change, and the versatility of a bean bag chair allows you to switch things around at a minimal cost.

Bring Relaxation with You
Unlike a bulk recliner chair, bean bags are relatively small and portable.  Take them on the road with you while staying at a hotel or friend’s house.  You can bring one to friend or child’s outdoor sporting event, or carry it outside to relax in the yard with a book or some tea.

Get Your Game On
Kids and adults love video games and bean bag chairs are perfect for gamers.  Place the chairs on the floor a few feet away from the television.  It helps with posture since sitters won’t be tempted to lean over and slouch while staring at the television.

Don’t Worry About Your Age
Those who were teens in the 60s and 70s will remember bean bag chairs, and those who are teens today can equally enjoy the seating implement.  Don’t worry about age;  you’re never too old or young to enjoy the comfort of a bean bag chair.  Bean bags are versatile regarding placement in addition to those who enjoy sitting on them.

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