7 reasons why you should consider home staging to sell your house

Selling your home and getting the full asking price is still nowhere near back at the stage it was before the recession.  Many householders, however, are discovering that they are getting offers which are nowhere near what they are asking or what similar houses nearby are selling for. Home staging has become a buzz word in home sales in recent times and here are just 7 reasons why you should consider it to secure that sale.


Defining your areas

While open concept is a big deal right now you still need to clearly define the areas of your home. If you don’t prospective buyers will walk into one large space peppered with furniture and may have to try and work out for themselves the function of each area. There should also be a seamless flow between the designated areas to maximise light and function so by staging you are letting those viewers envisage how they will be using the spaces, the first step to securing a sale and as mention selling your home.


Fine dining experience

Hands up how many of you have always intended to hold a dinner party but when friends come round it ends up as takeaway around the coffee table? By dressing your dinner table as if you were expecting guests you give them the impression that this is the home they have been waiting for to host those dinner parties they have always wanted.


Absence of toys

Forget the homely atmosphere and the saying that a house is not a home without evidence of children but look at it from a buyers point of view.  Have you got those toys piled in the corner by choice or does your home have a distinct lack of storage? Staging your home with furniture that have hidden storage gives a much better impression that your viewers being hit by all the stuff you have crammed into the cupboard when they open them.


Boost your kerb appeal

Were you aware that 60% of prospective buyers make the decision not to buy before they even get through the front door?  You can reverse this trend by staging your front garden to add that all important wow factor into your first impression. Little touches such as a couple of tubs on each side of the door, some garden furniture if it your front garden that catches the sun will make all the difference and will put a smile on their face before they enter your home.


Strike the balance to strike a chord

Whether you are a staunch minimalist or a real clutter bug, you have to find the balance to make your viewers imagine themselves living in your home. A vase of fresh flowers on the windowsill where the sun can catch them, a few carefully placed photo frames, a basket of bread or a bowl of fruit in the kitchen make your home feel welcoming without being bare or cluttered.


Prime Areas

If you don’t have the budget to stage your entire home concentrate on the two areas which sell a house; kitchens and bathrooms. As well as being the two busiest rooms in a house they are also the most expensive to put right so they need to be pristine. Fresh towels, soft lighting, a gentle fragrance, top end appliances that are on view will have them eager to sign on the dotted line.


Floor Appeal

If your floors are past their best and you don’t have the money to replace or fully repair them staging really comes into its own. Rugs over the worst patches and furniture on top of them and plenty of aesthetically pleasing items at eye level will detract from the floor with its flaws.



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