5 Ways to Give Your Home a Lift

The home is a sanctuary. It’s the place we go to unwind after a stressful day at work, and help the kids with overdue homework assignments. Unfortunately, household routines can result in a loss of inspiration. Fall is the perfect time to rekindle the relationship with your home and fall in love all over again. Employ these simple steps by to invigorate your space, and recreate that moment you knew “this house is the one.”

Hoarders Anonymous

Over the years, it’s easy to find yourself drowning in furniture, papers, and memorabilia from those family vacations. But as the saying goes, a clean space equals a clear mind. If you are feeling buried, it pays to make some time in your schedule to declutter. Simplifying an interior space will not only increase productivity and organization, but heighten peace of mind. Decluttering projects are a great way to create some weekend fun by getting the entire family in on the action.

Let it Shine

Paperworks, assignments, and books engulfing your windowsills? Windows serve an important role in the home, and that is to let in natural light. Simply opening curtains and blinds can directly improve the aesthetic and energy in your home. An article by Cheryl Weber of Mother Earth Living asserts that “a house filled with sunlight is cheery, warm, and inviting.”

Make a Change, Rearrange

It’s as simple as it sounds. Move furniture around, creatively repurpose an old ladder as a bathroom shelving unit. Merely placing something in a new spot can have you feeling like an interior design extraordinaire.

Guest of Honor

It may sound a little funny, but why not treat yourself as a guest in your own home? Light a candle, cook a special meal, and be on a throne at home. Treat private moments as an opportunity to reconnect with your residence and appreciate it’s unique character. Acknowledging the sentimental value and memories attached to a space is a great way bring a smile to your face.

Back Off

In the accounting world, balancing debits and credits is a notoriously strenuous task. Imagine trying to accomplish this in your home office, one might blame their window for providing minimal light, hence not being able to get the correct calculations. Before cursing your home and it’s perceived flaws, step away. Sit in a new spot, make a cup of coffee, and remove yourself from that area in the house that is causing frustration. Find comfort elsewhere, take a deep breath, and re-tackle the project at a later time with fresh eyes. In this way, you’ll learn not to give interior spaces in your home negative attributes.

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