5 Reasons to Consider a Bathroom Refit

An attractive new bathroom can be just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking to give your home a refresh. Whether you’re making an investment to increase price of your home, or hoping to make your house more comfortable – a nice bathroom can help.

One of the great things about updating a bathroom is that in terms of remodelling projects, it’s quick to do, add value and looks great. It can also add to the functional aspects of the home and make it a nicer place to live.

So, with that in mind – here’s why we think it’s time you should consider a bathroom redesign.


Starting with the aesthetics here – fashion is important in the world of bathrooms – very important. Anyone who has witnessed an avocado bathroom from the 1970s will testify that times move on and styles change. Older bathrooms often are in colours we’d never dream of using today and are filled with baths and lino that has seen it all, but looks that way too.

A quality bathroom installation company, such as will help redesign your bathroom in a way that suits the specifics of your home.


If your bathroom has had its fair share of use, it may also have problems .Cracks, rust, leaks and other problems surface in the bathroom area after years of use. And as we all know these can cause all sorts of safety issues, especially if your home is resided with children or older people. One thing to really watch out for is if you have iron plumbing as this can rust and lead to water being contaminated.

Some bathrooms are quite safe but are on the verge of aesthetic deterioration. From a cracked sink to a chipped tile, there are plenty of ways little changes could improve the room. So, take a look around, we’re certain there’s a way to make your bathroom more welcoming


More people means that a bathroom has to carter for more traffic and this can cause all sorts of chaos and clutter. If your home has only one shared bathroom then you could be in trouble. If you don’t have room for a second bathroom well thought out bathroom remodels can provide you with more storage, better laid out areas and smarter solutions.

Design Woes

Many builders add bathrooms in all sorts of strange ways that just don’t make sense. Many bathrooms have a poor overall design and this leads to areas that are hard to access, clean and use to the fullest of their offerings. A quality bathroom installation company will help redesign your bathroom in a way that suits the specifics of your home.

Ecological Issues

Older bathrooms don’t have any real regard for water usage – this is down to the fact they were built at a time when it wasn’t a concern. However, nowadays the amount of water you use in a home matters a lot and you’re just flushing money away if your toilet is inefficient for example. A modern bathroom will take the water saving elements of modern plumbing into account and preserve the vital natural resources for the future and also cut down on the cost of your water bill.

A new bathroom may seem like an extravagance, however it’s not really. It enriches your home and adds to the value and if you’ve any of the aforementioned issues should be considered.

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