5 Design Solutions for Small Bathrooms

If you have the misfortune of a home with a small bathroom, then you are likely already aware of the annoyance of having to work with it. Small bathrooms often make you wish you could squeeze in, not to mention they are extremely difficult to clean unless you are as flexible as a mongoose, trying to reach all the nooks and crannies around it. Bathrooms like that also mean you will have a lot of challenges to tackle, from shower space hanging space and more. On the bright side they are easier to heat up and will allow you to still use the space in a small apartment or home, while being charming in their own way. Despite the challenges you can still make it work quite well if you approach the task with care. The following examples will explain how you can do that safely and without it becoming a problem:

  • Make use of the corners

Depending on how much space you have and how the floor plan of your bathroom works, a corner sink can be a really good way to utilize your space and to make it look good and practical as well. You would do well to keep your floor as clean as possible before you move on despite the limited space you already have. Opening and closing your shower door should be easy to do and it shouldn’t require advanced yoga moves to pull off. Try to keep your design solution as practical as you can make it with the space you have available.

  • Making use of a shower curtain

If you want to give your bathroom more character but without taking up much of your valuable space, then you can do this by using a colorful shower curtain to make it happen. Shower tubs will also have smaller spaces, which would allow you to handle this in about 60 inches or so of space. This will help keep things efficient as you move on.

  • Rounded corners and rounded vanity

This is something that is worth mentioning as tight spaces mean any sharp edges can be really painful to bump into. You would do well keep these to a minimum to avoid the pain, not to mention making your bathroom a lot easier during cleaning. Bathroom cleaning takes a lot of effort and you would do well to keep it as easy to handle as possible.

  • Extending your counter space

You can make this work combined with the rounded corners example from before to save up space and make your bathroom more practical. An arrangement of this type can be made by adding stone or wood as a solution to your problem. The placement of your toilet will not end up being affected in any way, so you will have a chance to have plenty of clean elements without going too far. You can deal with this in a fairly easy way with a bit of hard work, so consider making use of this type of solution. It will allow you to handle bathroom cleaning and general house cleaning with greater success, not to mention you will have plenty of storage space to work with.

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