10 Quick and Easy DIY Tips to Spruce up Your Bedroom

If you would love to give your bedroom a makeover but you don’t have a lot of money to do it on, there is a budget option. Below you’ll discover 10 quick and easy DIY tips that can help you really spruce up the bedroom without spending a fortune.

  1. Install recessed lighting

The bedroom should have a calm and tranquil setting and the lighting you choose goes a long way to achieving this. Recessed lighting is an excellent choice and, as shown on Curbly, it isn’t difficult to install.

  1. Repaint the room

Painting the walls is inexpensive and it gives you the chance to make a huge difference to the atmosphere and style of the room. You can opt for an entirely different colour, just be sure to choose a warm, relaxing shade.

  1. Create your own headboard

The difficulty of this task depends upon the type of headboard you want to build. It can be as quick and easy as painting one onto the wall behind the bed, or you can create your own wooden version. Whatever your DIY level, a handmade headboard is a great addition to the bedroom and can make a simple-but-effective design statement.

  1. Frequently change your bedding

Invest in a few different duvet cover sets and change them frequently to provide an instant, stylish new look.

  1. Create your own ornaments

Ornaments can provide a nice finishing touch. Glass jars can make surprisingly good ornaments; particularly if you place candles in them. You can decorate the jars with anything from ribbons to glitter. This also gives the bedroom a personalised touch.

  1. Wall displays

A wall display is not only creative, but it’s also useful. You can free up surface space by adding books, ornaments and sentimental objects into varying sized wooden cubes on the wall. This also makes an interesting alternative to pictures.

  1. Make use of soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are one of the best ways to decorate the bedroom without spending a fortune. Think cushion covers, curtains and throws. A throw over the end of your luxury Divan Beds Centre bed for example, can add a really stylish look and help to add the icing on the cake of your room’s showpiece item of furniture.

  1. Wall murals

If you’re quite crafty, a good idea is to create your own wall murals. These can be done in lots of different ways. For example, you can paint them on, use wall stickers or create a collage on a board and hang it on the wall. Use online examples for inspiration.

  1. Be at one with nature

Looking for a unique and cheap bedside table? Use a tree trunk! As shown on Trend Hunter, the tree trunk brings a natural, calming ambience to the room and adding a fun addition to the room.

  1. Spruce up existing furniture

If you don’t have enough money to replace your existing furniture, there are ways you can renovate them. Sanding down cabinets and tables and then repainting them can help to bring your old furniture to life.

These are just 10 ideas of what you can do by yourself to enhance the bedroom. All of the ideas above are extremely simple and quick to do.


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