10 Questions That Will Help You Pick the Perfect Front-Yard Fence

Choosing any component for your home has to be done with a lot of care and attention. So when you are talking about choosing front yard fences, here are the 10 questions that you can ask:


  1. Does it complement the style of my house?

It is very important to choose a fence that will complement the style of your home perfectly. For instance:

  • A wooden fence for a country style home
  • A white picket fence for a home that looks like a cottage and
  • Metallic fences for a very contemporary home and so on.


  1. How much time do I need to devote for its maintenance?

A fence has to be maintained by way of regular cleaning, painting, polishing and so on. Certain fences do not need much by way of daily or frequent maintenance. A sturdy wooden fence will need regular maintenance and a vinyl fence will need to be checked for mildew almost every day.


  1. Which contractor should I choose?

A good contractor will be able to help you with choosing the right kind of fence and installing the same as well. He may also be able to take care of the regular maintenance of the same.


  1. How much of security do I need?

A front yard fence will certainly be a big facet of the security of your home. You will also need to consider its height here if you have a pet. After all, you would want a fence that your dog cannot jump over.


  1. How will it fit the rest of the landscape?

A front yard will have gardens, flower beds, lawns and so on. You may like to pay attention to the fence that will fit in with such landscape. If you have a garden filled with colorful flowers then you may like to showcase the same with a simple, white fence that allows a view from the outside as well.


  1. How much of privacy do I need?

Fences can be made of different heights and materials so that you can either give people the opportunity to look at your home from outside or cover it completely.


  1. What material should it be made of?

Some of the materials that go into making fences are:

  • Vinyl,
  • Wood of different kinds,
  • Metals of various kinds,
  • Chalkboard and
  • Acrylic are just some of the materials that go into making fence.


You may like to consider the costs and ease of installation of each material before choosing the right one.


  1. How should it look?

You can go in for a simple or basic fence or one that is very creative – uneven posts or curved designs.


  1. How much will it cost?

Budget is an important consideration when it comes to fences and it would be a good idea to ask your fence installer all details pertaining to cost of material and installation before commencing on the fencing project.


  1. Will it endure the weather conditions?

A fence needs to withstand the elements of Nature and this is especially important if you live in a particularly rainy or sunny or windy weather zone.


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